Pack Info

Pack Structure

Our pack is made up of scouts and adult volunteers serving the Northshore area.   Our families come from the Arrowhead Elementary and Moorlands Elementary areas.  You do not have to attend these schools to be part of our pack!   We also welcome those families in private and/or home schooled.  

Youth entering (or enrolled in) the K-5 grade levels are welcome to join at any time.  We are a co-ed family pack and have dens for boys and girls each elementary grade level!


We provide a year-round set of activities to help engage our youth, including regular meetings, camping, hiking, community service events, and fun local adventures.


As a Cub Scout member, you will generally meet twice per month:

At all events, we expect parents/guardians to attend.   We do not provide "drop off" service.   This allows the scout to have a comfortable place, provides you the ability to help influence and guide the scouting experience, and helps build stronger family bonds.


All of our dens are co-ed. Dens meet locally in small groups of scouts in the same grade.   Your youth will build lasting friendships within their school and with others from local schools.   Since our schools feed into Northshore Middle School in 6th Grade your scout will have even more friends when they get to middle school!

Please see the Contact Us page for information on how to contact our committee or an individual den.