COVID-19 Information

Current Status - Phase 5

Pack 564 is aligned with the Northshore School District re-opening model. This model aligns with the State of Washington's Safe Start re-opening plans.

As of March 12, 2022, following NSD guidance we will not require masks for events, but, encourage the use of them when in close contact with other Scouts and Leaders.

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How do Northshore School District phases apply to Pack 564?

Phase 1

All pack activities will be remote. No in-person scouting is possible. Families are recommended to shelter at home and avoid any exposure to those outside of your home.

Phase 2

Almost all pack activities will be remote. Washington State Safe Start guidelines generally limit all activities to 5 or fewer people outside of your home. Any activities must be completely socially distanced, but, purely outside activities can happen as long as done 100% with the family unit and without other scouts together.

Phase 3

Den activities may be able to resume if Washington Safe Start guidelines allow for groups of more than 5 people. Our Den's all have more than 2 youth who would have their parent plus at least one leader. This prevents our Den's from meeting. But, we will be preparing to get together soon!

Phase 4

Den Meetings will most likely proceed as long as they align with Washington Safe Start guidelines. Pack level meetings will be remote. We would prefer to do all Den meetings outside whenver possible.

Phase 5

Den Meetings will proceed as long as they align with Washington Safe Start guidelines. Pack meetings will be in-person and indoors using mask guidance from Northshore School District.

Phase 6

All Scouting activities resume normal operation.